Information according to EU Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR)

Our data base stores, among others, details of the name, company name, address, professional activity and the financial circumstances, possible liabilities as well as references regarding the payment behavior.

The stored data was obtained partially from publicly accessible sources, public registers, from the internet, the press and other media as well as from the transmission of data about open claims.

Purpose of the data processing is the generation of reports about the creditworthiness of the requested person/company, including further solvency relevant information as well as the usage for securing of debt collection services. Legal base for the data processing is article 6, para. 1f) EU-GDPR  

According to article 6, para. 1f) EU-GDPR, reports generated from the data filed by us, may only be provided to clients who can plausibly state a legitimate interest to receive the information. Any transfer of data to countries outside the EU, must be handled based on the so called “Standard contractual clauses. Please refer to the following link:

Legitimate interests defined in this context may be: credit decision, initiation of business, ownership structure, claim, solvency check, insurance contract, overdue receivables and enforcement disclosure.

Our customers include national and international banks, leasing, insurance and telecommunication companies, receivables management companies, shipping, wholesale and retail companies who provide products or services against payment.

The data is stored as long as required to meet the purpose of the data retention. The information is normally necessary for three years initially. After three years the need for a longer storage is reviewed. If an extension of the storage is not necessary, data will be deleted to-the-day. In the case of completion of an order, the data will be deleted after three years to-the-day.

You also have the right to know the available personal data about your person. You have the right of correction in case the data is not correct. You have the right of completion if the data is incomplete.

You have the right to withdraw your consent, provided that you had agreed to the processing of data filed by us.

The disclosure of your data to us is not mandatory, neither legally, nor contractually. You are not under any obligation to provide the requested data. Not providing the data can hamper or make an assessment of your creditworthiness by your lenders or suppliers impossible. This can result in a refusal of a credit or business co-operation.

The processing of the filed data takes place for compelling legitimate grounds of the creditor’s and credit’s protection which regularly outweigh their rights and freedom, or serves the enforcement, exercise or defense of  legal claims. Only in special cases and particular situations on your side, can the processing of data be objected by you, provided that you can prove the special situation. The data will not be processed anymore if such special reasons are available and verifiable.